Biochemical tests identify the main biologically important chemical compounds. For each test take a small amount of the substance to test, shake it in water in a test tube. The substance may need grinding with a pestle and mortar, to break up the cells and release the cell contents. Many of these compounds are insoluble, but the tests work just as well in a fine suspension. The type of test that carried out at Nano Biotech Research are:
    • Carbohydrate utilization tests (sugar test). - lactose , sucrose , mannitol , maltose , xylose and dextrose.
    • Mvic test includes indole test , methyl red test , voges proskuer test , citrate utilization test.
    • Nitrate reduction test.
    • Urease test
    • Triple sugar iron test.
    • Lead acetate test.
    • Mannitol motility test
    • O-F (oxidation - fermentation) test
    • Aminoacid degradation test
    • H2S production in SIM

    Staphylococcus identification tests

    1. BAP with Novobiocin Test

    2. Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA)

    3. Mstaph broth

    4. Coagulase