We provides a range of accredited, chemical testing for food complied with local and international food safety, certification, HACCP and GMP requirement. 

We also provides pharmaceutical analysis on the identity, purity, content and stability of starting materials, excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients to ensure the safety of drugs.

Sample Type: Food/ Feed/Raw food/Feed materials/Pharmaceutical samples/Others

Our service offering includes:

  • Additives and contaminants Testing 
  • Composition standards, colours, preservatives and artificial sweeteners 
  • Screening Test for Toxins
  • Antibiotic/ Chemical Residues Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Preservatives & Additives Testing
  • Allergens Testing
  • Illegal Dyes Testing
  • Veterinary Residues Testing
  • Organic residues (Melamine) Testing
  • Nutrition Facts Analysis & Labelling
  • Food Authenticity: Halal verification, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO), Organic Foods

In addition, we also provide food authentication service to provide proof of origin and prevent deliberate or accidental, undeclared admixture of foods. Verifying the authenticity of foods can prevent false description, substitution with cheaper ingredients, adulteration, and incorrect origin labeling.

Methodologies/Techniques: ELISA, HPLC, LC/MSMS, GCMS, ICPAES, ICPMS and HRGCMS