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Our Company

NB R&D Enterprise was established in June, 2009 as a corporate funded out-sourcing research center focusing on developing and commercializing novel products that cater to the need of living beings.

Our research teams utilize sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computers, and information technology to develop tools and products that hold great promise. With the help of biotechnology, nanotechnology and a host of other sciences, we are able develop safe and beneficial biotechnology products and solution.

In addition, we focused on the Discovery and Development of Bioactive Ingredients, Food & Pharmaceutical Product Development, Nutritional Evaluation, Food & Pharmaceutical Analysis and Recovery of Food By-products. We offer ideas and solutions that are tailored to our customer’s requirements and needs. We extract bio-active ingredients from valuable materials such as fruits, herbs or plants to develop new food-based health supplements, functional food, nutraceuticals and phyto-pharmaceutical based products. Our company enhances and optimizes the innovation business of our customers. We provide services and products of value for industries and for society.