Nano Biotech Research offers full microbiological testing and analyze products from a wide variety of industries. Our microbiological testing laboratory is comprised of a highly experienced team of microbiologists who are experts in all microbes’ testing. Our competent professionals have decades of experience in routine microbiological analysis, special microbiology, research microbiology, and a variety of other microbiological testing. We are considered leading authorities in microbial testing. Nano biotech Research has provided impeccable microbiological services to pharmaceutical, disinfectant, cosmetic, food, personal care, household, medical device, antimicrobial, paint, paper, plastic, textile and other miscellaneous industries. At Nano biotech Research, we understand the challenges presented by a changing market place and our goal is to maintain the cost effective and highest quality microbiological testing services.

Type of sample tested:

  •  Water Sample
  •  Food Sample
  •  Cosmetic Sample
  •  Pharmaceutical Sample
  •  Environmental Sample
  • Hygiene Monitoring Sample 

Microbiological assays:
  • Bacteria Culture and Enumeration/Count
  • Bacteria Culture and Identification
  • Bacteria Count On Exposed Agar Plates 
  • Rapid Detection Of Bacteria (PCR)