Nano Biotech Resaerch provides quality analytical tests to help pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations, medical product distributors, biotechnology industry and procurement agencies meet the necessary requirements for drugs and pharmaceutical products. Chemical analysis and testing of pharmaceutical products and raw materials according to BP, USP and EP methods.


Physical and Chemical Testing

  • Dissolution test
  • Disintegration test
  • Vitamin test
  • Heavy metal test
  • Minerals
  • Preservatives and Antioxidants
  • Residual solvents and sterilant residues

Environmental Analysis

  • Microbial surface testing (Swab Test)
  • Microbial air sampling (settle plate test/bioaerosol monitoring)
  • Particulate analysis

Microbiological Testing (For Medical devices/ Pharmaceutical products)

  • Preservative challenge test/ limit tests
  • Microbial limit
  • Identification of microorganism
  • Bioburden test
  • Sterility test
  • Bacteria endotoxin test

 Water Assay and Validations

  • Heavy metal
  • Bacterial and Endotoxin
  • USP purified water analysis