Counterfeiting and inferior copy products are widely sold in the market and it causes not only sales opportunity loss of genuine products but also damaging brand and even serious accident to end customers. Security ink can be used for labeling an object (for example, a document or other object) with identifying markings which can be rapidly verified as authentic and which are highly resistant to counterfeiting.


a. To develop a series of security inks that invisible under naked eye, but become visible when expose to special reagents, light wave, heat or water for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, property marking, hand stamping for readmission and marking for the purpose of identification in manufacturing.

b. To optimize the compositions of the security ink (invisible ink and visualize agents) in order to create best quality to help businesses protect against counterfeiting and forgery.

c. To produce less hazardous security ink that wouldn’t effect human health and environmental friendly.